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Careers in Gaming/Esports

Hey there!

Welcome back. We've discussed this in one of our previous blogs that gaming or esports is not just about being a professional player. Here we go again. Let's start with a few examples.

  • Ever wondered who organizes the tournaments where your favorite players perform! There is not a single person but a team behind the curtain performing the magic. There is a caster, a camera crew, marketing team, event management team, technical team and other staff such as electricians or game monitors. There's a ton of them that haven't been mentioned here. I'll attach a picture at the end for you to refer.

  • If you know esports and are reading this blog, then you must be aware of the bootcamps these big teams like Soul or GodLike have. Facilities this big need someone to take care of them. There is a bootcamp manager for that who sees the day to day needs of the staff and players residing in there. Any problem someone is facing no matter how big or small, you call the bootcamp manager.

  • There are people who have those god gifted analytical minds, we call them analysts. They have a keen eye to all the strategic detailing. They coordinate with the team and coach for strategic planning.

  • The coach has already been mentioned in the previous example.

  • The social media team. These are the guys who handle the social media handles, the strategies required, and the posts which will be shared. They may be working for individual players/streamers or the whole team/organization.

  • The partnerships team. This is the team of people that work on a team's sponsorship needs. They partner with brands to make sure the cash is always flowing when needed.

  • Graphic designers and video editors. No explanation needed, they do what their name suggests.

  • Who makes the contracts required for hiring these people for any esports organization or the partnerships between brands. The legal team. Any dispute arising, the contracts, agreements, partnerships, brand integrations, they see everything is well taken care of.

There are a lot others. The industry is too big to mention to everyone. Some of the other examples can be found at the end of our first blog,

Now that you know that esports is so much more than just those faces behind those streaming setups, kindly press that follow button on our Instagram. We make sure that your questions are taken care of.

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