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Starting your Journey as Content Creator

Hey there!

Time to start our YouTube journey. Well it's too cliché to stick to YouTube only when there are many other platforms available, it's not wrong to use YouTube as a live streaming or video sharing platform but you should know your niche and the audience you want to serve along with other factors relevant to the platform. There are specific platforms for gaming creators such as Loco, Twitch and Rooter. Instagram is a good option too.

Let's start with the basics and the entailing details :

  • You need to identify your genre, whether you are gamer who plays all kind of games or one with a good command over a single game. It's important to identify your skills at entertainment or skills at the game. If you're not particularly skilled at a game you might add a pinch of entertainment in other forms such as your comic timings and the way you interact with your fellow teammates.

  • One of the important factors while streaming is the availability of equipment such as Elgato and PC. You really don't need these if you're a mobile gamer, there are plenty of apps available on your Appstore for that purpose. You're gonna need a PC for the Desktop games only. If you still feel the need for those you can always join the gaming organizations who hire content creators and provide these facilities to you. But keep in mind you need to show them that you're a capable creator/streamer before applying. So, it's always a better idea to just start with whatever you've got.

  • Collaboration always comes in handy for cross promotion. Find the similar creators who are doing things you do. Don't focus on the elephants first. There are very high chances of them not even batting an eye over your email. Start with people with similar number of subscribers/followers. Step up gradually as your followers increase.

  • Be consistent. There are people who achieve their goals early and there are those who are the tortoises but there is not a specific time to achieving one's goals. You will get there if you remain consistent and focus on the quality of the content. Remember it's not a race. You're not competing with anyone here. All the streamers can coexist.

  • It's not always about those skills. Remember to have fun. If you enjoy the journey so will your audience. They are here to lighten their moods and the more stressed out you're the more it will project on your work.

  • BONUS TIP : Follow us on our socials. Stay updated on our job openings such as the position of content creator, an esports player in the relevant esports titles or gaming development roles. You can find the links to our socials down below on the footer of the page.

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