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How to become a professional esports player?

You've been watching some of the games for a time now, various tournaments, various streamers and various esports players and want to become one yourself but don't know where to start!

Let's see where can one start.

  • First things first, besides knowing the game mechanics and the stuff like map knowledge and the outstanding skills worth showing off to your friends and fellow gamers, one needs a team who shares the same enthusiasm and is willing to give their time, put in hard work and most of all the discipline to keep practicing everyday until the success makes noise more than "Sharma Ji ke ladke ka 10th ka result."

  • Now that you've found the dream team, what's the next step. Well the obvious one seems to be a lot of practice. Where do you practice? Well, obviously one can't practice in classic lobby with gamers who don't share the competing skills and enthusiasm and just want to pass their time or destress themselves from a lethargic day of work. Here comes the importance of community. Find a community of fellow gamers who share the same enthusiasm as you. Find and join discord servers of your game where you will find scrims of the choice of your game. For instance, you can join our server from here -> Python Gaming Discord.

  • Now that you're all set to show 'em what you've got, it's time to enter the arena. Find tournaments! Follow the esports pages and official pages of the game on the socials. You'll find plenty of open tournaments there by the developers of the game. If you're not lucky enough to find a tournament at the desired time you either have to wait for the publishers to come up with a tournament of their own or you may find third party tournaments on the community platforms like discord.

  • The above steps will prepare you for a well funded esports organization. If you're lucky enough someone from those orgs you've wanted to join will spot and want you in with them for those outstanding skills that you worked hard for. If you're not one of the lucky ones you can always contact the teams. DM on their socials, email them, find their websites or their emails and send them well drafted CVs. Post them clutches on your socials, tag those teams. "Haath paav to maarne padenge." This is a bitter truth to digest that even gaming is business. All the esports teams out there need revenue to keep them going. In order to generate revenue they are dependent on their players to give their all and more. So keep grinding hard and keep in mind the grind never stops.

  • BONUS TIP : Esports is not all about being a professional player for a well renowned team. Esports is more than that. If it's the game you love you can always look out for other opportunities. The image below showcases some of the other opportunities related to esports and gaming.

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Wish you all the very best for your gaming career ahead. Follow us to stay updated on things that matter and a little entertainment. We're trying hard to not be boring xD.

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